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Individual/Group Guided Integrative Autobiography (GA):


A structured 8-week program that involves educating patients about the functions of reminiscence, as they relate to psychosocial development.  The process encourages patients to reconstruct their life story and examine both positive and negative experiences, toward integrating aspects of self and experience for a sense of wholeness, life purpose, and life meaning. 

Individual/Group Complicated Grief Treatment (CGT):


A structured 16-week program that involves educating patients about complicated grief and how it's treated, exploring their grief reactions, complicated grief symptoms, and patterns of adjustment or maladjustment.  The process encourages patients to hold imagined conversations with those lost, and to tell and retell the circumstances of the death, while learning to tell the story with less and less distress- a process called systematic desensitization.   CGT has been proven effective for enhancing the ability to cope and process thoughts and emotions, focus on self-positive vs. self-negative reminiscence, and reduce feelings of blame and guilt. 

Individual/Group Interpersonal Therapy (IPT): 

A structured 26-week attachment focused program that involves developing a therapeutic alliance, within which to role play past and future reflective interactions.  This method was developed to treat clinical depression, teaching patients to reality test those perceptions that are often distorted by neurobiological factors, and or by fear of betrayal and or abandonment.  The focus of this treatment is to balance grace and accountability for actions, and master the art of making amends, setting boundaries, and bonding.  

Individual/Group Self-Realization Psychosocial Development Therapy (PDT):

A structured 6-week program that involves educating patients about thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that enhance or derail the healing process, with a focus upon cognitive-behavioral and psychospiritual healing.  The process encourages patients to test the accuracy of their perceptions, and to use self-talk and mind-body connections to alleviate distress.  

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