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The Puzzles of Life

What if we are pieces of a certain puzzle that can only achieve its greatest beauty when it is complete? What if our dreams are made up of these pieces- others who share our vision for a higher functioning, more connected, and more nurturing community? Were we to believe this notion, I wonder how we would act differently.

There is something intuitive and enlightening about completing a puzzle. It forces you to focus on details, like shading and light, colors, textures, and shapes. The process of completing a puzzle can almost be hypnotic. There is a certain thrill in completing the puzzle, appreciating each dimension of its image, and then realizing the bigger picture in the end.

When we look back at the development of our aspirations, we have the opportunity to realize how the pieces of our own puzzle have come together, and can thereby develop trust in life's process. We may not always be able to see the big picture, but if we just start with its edges, - the frames of reference or mission and vision we wish to pursue, the picture will take shape. Before we know it, we will be able to identify clusters of our truth, and how they can fit together to make us whole. Once we are able to see the pieces of the puzzle that have shaped our lives, we can become more intentional about the pieces we choose, discovering which of them fit into the bigger picture we have for ourselves. We can also stop wasting time trying to force the pieces of another's puzzle into our own. This is how we take charge of our destiny. This is how we build the volition to achieve our wildest dreams.

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