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The year 2021 is a time for reflection. It is a time to take inventory of our deepest aspirations and embrace the life we were meant to live. Yet, in the wake of the pandemic shut downs, many people are coming to feel the loss of time and experiences, of lives, and of health. They are suffering, at times in silence, and this is having an impact upon their ability to function in relationships and at work. The pandemic has however shown us the value of friendships, interpersonal connections, and hearth and home like never before. Self-reflection and reflective discourse, listening attentively with genuine interest, and engaging in psychosocial developmental analysis, we can grow from our experiences, turning tragedy to triumphs. So, if you want to gain relief and growth, text "health" to 5203903484. Help is available. Reflective practice and discourse works. You can overcome and grow from trauma and loss, and its FREE!

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